Rosacea & Capillaries

Rosacea is characterised by a lack of structural integrity, severe water loss and an impaired immune response. It can be stubborn to revise and if left untreated will continue to damage the skins integrity and worsen in appearance. Early stages present as redness, inflammation and often discomfort for the client, late stages will have acne like pustules and possibly watery lesions.


Key Answers

6 – 12 Treatments

$90 – $250 per treatment

45 mins – 2 hours

Symptoms & Causes

The exact cause of Rosacea is unknown, it is a common condition and a range of influencing factors have been identified. These factors include presence of the Demodex mite, it can be hereditary, hormonal or environmental. Symptoms will include weakened capillaries, redness and flushing, inflammation, small pustules as well as acne rosacea. A client can also have several triggers, these can be environmental or internal through the consumption of certain foods or alcohol.

Rosacea is a very complex skin condition. It will require dedication to your professional treatments, home care routine as well the identifying your triggers or possible causes in order to ensure you are creating the best possible outcome for your skin.


*Clients have had a combination of advanced skin services and home care

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The benefits of such an extensive tool box for our therapists means we can tailor custom treatment plans for each client, combined with our wealth of knowledge and skills we are determined to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

All skin revision treatments require commitment to professional treatments and your home care prescriptives, we ask are clients to trust in our skills, our recommendations and the plan we create for them in order to achieve a successful skin journey with us.

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