Congestion can be defined by clogged pores, visible blackheads and underlying breakouts which appear as bumps on the skin. It will often feel thickened, greasy and the texture will be uneven.


Key Answers

4 – 12 Treatments

$90 – $250 per treatment

45 mins – 2 hours

Symptoms & Causes

Congestion typically occurs in teenage and early adult years but can affect as at any stage with improper cleaning of the skin, harsh environments and incorrect product use. Congestion is also linked to the internal environment and diet plays a role in its existence, often poor diets will result in excess oil production and poor quality of oil which results in breakouts or congestion.

Your skin may have the following symptoms:
– A build of excess oil
– Environmental pollution on the surface, daily dirt etc.
– Dead cells created a thickened, rough skin texture,
– Toxic build up due to using toxic make up or skin care

Hormonal imbalances also play a role in oil production and therefor can influence congestion in the skin. We will begin your treatments by focusing on removing the dead cell build up from the skin to reveal a fresh, smoother feeling skin. This will allow for increased product absorption and you will feel instantly cleaner, you will be required to use home care in order to sustain this feeling. We will then work on reducing oil flow, cleaning out the underlying congestion with peels, extractions and LED while constantly focusing on increasing water levels and flushing out toxic build up in the skin.


*Clients have had a combination of advanced skin services and home care

We can tailor custom treatment plans to you

The benefits of such an extensive tool box for our therapists means we can tailor custom treatment plans for each client, combined with our wealth of knowledge and skills we are determined to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

All skin revision treatments require commitment to professional treatments and your home care prescriptives, we ask are clients to trust in our skills, our recommendations and the plan we create for them in order to achieve a successful skin journey with us.

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