Skin Concerns

“We use a combination of modalities including professional grade peels, IPL, Enzyme Therapy, LED Light Therapy & intensive treatment courses to target any skin concern. ”

We can tailor custom
treatment plans to you

The benefits of such an extensive tool box for our therapists means we can tailor custom treatment plans for each client, combined with our wealth of knowledge and skills we are determined to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

All skin revision treatments require commitment to professional treatments and your home care prescriptives, we ask are clients to trust in our skills, our recommendations and the plan we create for them in order to achieve a successful skin journey with us.



Prevent your skin from premature ageing and effectively treat fine lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity with our anti-ageing treatment range.


Treat uneven skin tone, sun damage, post-inflammatory pigmentation and passive pigmentation with our professional treatment range.


We can effectively treat active, inflamed acne to give your skin immediate relief from the tenderness and start your clear skin journey.

Acne Scars

Have you said goodbye to Acne but are left with unwanted scars? We have a powerhouse combination to treat Acne scars on the face and body.

Rosacea & Capillaries

Red, Inflamed Skin and Broken Capillaries are common symptoms associated with Rosacea that we treat through specific Rosacea treatment protocols.

Reactive Skin

Hypersensitive, constantly dehydrated, can’t use anything on your skin? Reactive skin is often barrier impaired and needs work on the underlying structures of your skin


Defined by blackheads, clogged pores and a rough, uneven skin texture we can effectively treat congestion to leave you feel smooth & hydrated.

“So glad I found you lovely ladies!”

I found Elements when I was researching DMK Clinics in my area, I’ve had treatments with everyone from the team and have always felt the service exceptional. They take into consideration my budget, accommodate early appointments around my crazy study schedule and make me feel so comfortable.

Tanya Paunovic
“Elements has made me feel completely comfortable in my natural skin. ”

Their welcoming staff always make my experience so personalised and ensure I have the right products to take care of my face in between treatments. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my skin!

Meg Forster
“The professional girls at Elements have educated me on home care, I love it.
Can’t wait for my next visit!”

My skincare has changed dramatically since I’ve been having facials and using DMK products. Before I had my initial DMK enzyme treatment my skin was feeling tired, old and sun damaged. After a few treatments the results speak for themselves, I have vibrant and healthy-looking skin.

Margie Campbell

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