NIR Skin Tightening

We use Near Infrared technology to elevate the tissue temperature, causing a deep dermal heating. This micro thermal injury stimulates dermal regeneration, wound healing and skin remodelling.


The technology used in this treatment targets the water and collagen in the skin, therefore it is completely different to IPL where we are focusing on treating pigmentation and vascular. Although we are causing a micro thermal injury, you will find immediately post treatment just some mild redness and warmth to the skin, but no downtime. You may notice some immediate tightening as collagen fibres contract, however best results are seen approximately 6 weeks after treatment & a course of sessions is necessary for long term results.

Short & Long Term Benefits:
– Immediate skin tightening and glow
– Restructure of the skins architecture
– Visible results
– Helps to bolster the skin against future ageing

NIR Skin Tightening Treatment

COST $250

In this treatment we perform the NIR Tightening treatment on your main area of concerns, we generally either do this treatment on the full face, or neck & jaw line. As we are causing a micro thermal injury, we cannot treat both the full face and neck in a single treatment.

We combine your skin tightening with a mild exfoliation, LED Light Therapy which will treat the face, neck and décolletage as well as finishing off with a nourishing peptide sheet mask and transdermal finishing products.

Single session – $250
3 Pack – $600

NIR Skin Tightening

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