Skin Starter Programs

These skin kick-starter programs are designed to ignite your journey towards healthy skin. Think of these programs as an introduction to skin revision, to provide immediate relief for your concerns and provide you with an insight into what we can provide for your skin long-term.

They are only available to new clients or existing clients wanting to start off a skin revision course. You will notice a difference during your kick starter program but please be aware, if you are wanting real change and long term skin health we will be providing you with an ongoing treatment plan as well as home care prescriptives.

Reactive Pack

DURATION Maximum 6 weeks
COST $300

A kick starter program for reactive skins designed to reduce inflammation, decrease hypersensitivity and prepare the skin for ongoing skin revision.

This program includes:
3 x LED Light Therapy Treatments
1 x Acu Masque for home use

Valued at $340.50 (Save $40.50).

Pigment Pack

DURATION Maximum 8 weeks
COST $530

Designed to buff away at dead cuticle build up, brighten pigmentation and prepare the skin for an advanced course of pigment revision. This combination of enzyme therapy to rebuild the structural integrity of the skin combined with highly potent pigment inhibitors for home use will provide an intense kick start and allow you to experience a glimpse of what we can do with your skin concerns.

This program includes:
1 x LED Light Treatment
2 x Enzyme Therapy Treatments
1 x Melanotech Drops for home use
1 x Fibromax C (Vial of Pure Vitamin C powder) for spot treatment

Valued at $615 (Save $85)

Acne Pack

DURATION Maximum 12 weeks
COST $600

The Acne Pack has been created to help reduce the inflammation associated with active acne, start to move some of the toxins which are present in the cellular environment, cleanse the pores and begin to refine the skins texture by balancing oil flow. Acne is always a journey, but with this program we want to kick start your road to clear skin.

This program includes:
1 x LED Light Treatment
1 x Acne Facial with add on LED Light Therapy
2 x Enzyme Therapy Treatments
1 x DMK Ultra Clear Starter Kit

Valued at $695 (Save $95)

Age Management Pack

DURATION Maximum 12 weeks
COST $800

A starter program focused on providing an immediate smoothing, softening and plumping of the lines and wrinkles associated with ageing skin. We have designed this program to lay the ground work for a client looking to achieve a long term, healthy, glowing skin and reduce the signs of ageing. You will be expected to commit to additional home care prescriptives in order to enhance your results and we will also create a custom treatment plan for ongoing skin revision based on your concerns and needs.

This program includes:
1 x LED Light Facial
2 x Enzyme Therapy Treatments
1 x Skin Needling
1 x DMK Beta Gel Hydrating Serum

Valued at $935 (Save $135)

Glowing Skin Pack

DURATION Maximum 4 weeks
COST $235

The perfect duo for a client with no real skin concerns, who wants a short burst of professional treatments to provide them with hydrated, plump skin for a special occasion.

This program includes:
1 x LED Light Treatment
1 x High Performance Facial
1 x Peptide Sheet Mask (Can be used at home, or we can upgrade your LED Light Treatment with this mask).

Valued at $265 (Save $30)

Skin Starter Programs

These programs have been designed to allow clients wanting to embark on a skin journey the opportunity to kick start their treatments with a burst of advanced, professional treatments and to build a relationship with our team as we then continue your skin journey.

You will achieve a result within your treatment program, but only committing to the bare minimum will reflect the same in your results. We have created these programs to reward clients for taking the step to begin their skin health journey, however in order to achieve long term skin health you will need to make further treatment and home care commitments.

If you are unsure which program to begin with, feel free to contact our team and book in for a consultation and we can discuss the best options for you. These programs are only available once per client.

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