What is it?

We use the Skin Pen device for all skin needling treatments, this is a vibrational device which allows us to safely create very small micro channels into the skin to trigger a ‘wound healing’ response in the skin.


How does it work?

The treatment triggers a cascade of events starting with inflammation, which then triggers growth factors and the production of collagen and elastin. Your skin then enters a phase known as ‘remodeling’ where the immature collagen and elastin will over a period of 4-6 weeks mature, resulting in firmer, smoother skin.

Skin Needling

COST $350

Includes clinical cleanse, needling procedure, soothing sheet mask, finishing cream and home care for 1-2 days.

If you choose to apply a topical numbing cream prior, we can provide you with guidance to do this yourself at home.

Skin Needling Courses

DURATION 60 Mins per treatment
COST $350 - $850

1 Treatment $350

2 Treatments $600 (Save $100)

3 Treatments $850 (Save $200)



How does it feel?

The treatment is uncomfortable, but the level of discomfort varies greatly with each person. If you would like to apply a topical numbing cream prior to your appointment, we can provide you with some guidance on this – we are not able to apply this for you.

In general, the treatment is quick and we move through the most sensitive areas first to get them out the way (forehead, eye area and lip).

How long does it take? 

The actual needling portion of your treatment is approximately 20 minutes. We start with a clinical cleanse, skin needling, soothing sheet mask, finishing creams and take time to explain your after care.

What will I look like after this treatment?

Your skin will immediate appear red for approximately 24 hours post treatment, with appropriate home care this will resolve into a pink colour after the first day as slowly fade away after 2-3 days. You are welcome to use a mineral make up after the first 24hrs and must use the recommended home care to ensure optimal results.

When will I see results?

We will begin to see improvements in your skin within a few weeks of treatment, but these results can continue to improve for 6 months post treatment if you continue with maintenance treatments and active home care serums.

How many sessions do I need to have?

That really depends on your skin condition, your level of concern and what you are trying to achieve. A series of treatments create an accumulation of collagen production, resulting in better remodeling of the deeper tissues of skin and a better aesthetic result. That being said, you will see a result for a single session as well provided you continue using professional skin care.

Can this be my first treatment? 

We prefer to see you for an initial consultation before we will book you in for skin needling, to ensure your skin is in good condition. We highly recommend some treatments prior, including Peel and LED, Enzyme Therapy or any Restorative Facials.

Skin Needling Treatment


*Clients have had a combination of advanced skin services and home care

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