Laser Hair Reduction

We use German made Laser technology to provide safe and effective permanent hair reduction treatments. The Laser qualified team at Elements have all completed their Laser Safety Officer certificates and have years of Laser experience.


Laser Hair Reduction works by using light energy which is absorbed by the melanin (pigment) in your hair follicle. Our technology is a Diode Laser which is effective in treating a variety of skin and hair types safely.

Prior to your first treatment we ask that you book in for a consultation where we can assess your skin and hair type, ensure you are suitable for Laser treatment and provide you with all the pre and post treatment recommendations.



Does it hurt?
There is a small degree of discomfort during your treatment, we describe this as similar to the flick of an elastic band. It is very quick and after the treatment the area will just feel warm with the possibility of some erythema (redness) or small bumps which are known as follicular swelling. This is all normal and generally resolves within 4hours of treatment.

How many sessions do I need?
The amount of treatments will vary for each client as there are several contributing factors that influence hair growth. We tell clients to expect anywhere between 8-12 sessions, throughout this course the hairs will grow slower and the texture will be noticeably finer after a few sessions. You will start treatments at approximately 4 weeks apart and begin to extend the gap between treatments as the hair growth decreases.

How do I remove the hair?
You will be asked to shave the treatment area prior to your appointment, this ensures the most effective treatment. If you have not shaved before, you can expect some mild irritation the first few times, but this will resolve quickly after treatment and stop once the hair growth decreases. You cannot wax or pluck as removing the follicle will mean we are unable to treat the root of the hair.

How do I start?
Your consultation is complimentary and is required before we perform a Laser Hair Reduction treatment. You can see our prices outlined below and we have additional combination prices available if you are treating several areas, these can be provided at your consultation.

Price List

Price (Per session)

Upper Lip $35
Chin $45
Extended Chin $55
Upper Lip & Chin $70
Upper Lip & Extended Chin $85
Underarms $35
Half Arms $90
Full Arms $140
Lower Half Leg $120
Top Half Leg $150
Full Leg $260
Standard Bikini $50
G-String Bikini $70
Brazilian (XXX) $80
Add on Underarms $20
Mens Laser
Shoulders & Neck $80
Lower Back $60
Full Back, Shoulders & Neck $130
Chest $80
Abdomen $80
Chest & Abdomen $140


Combination Areas

These are our most popular combinations but we do have a range of prices when combining several areas, we will provide you a quote at your consultation.

Standard Bikini & Underarms $
G-String Bikini & Underarms $
Brazilian (XXX) & Underarms $
Lower Half Leg & Standard Bikini $
Lower Half Leg & G-String Bikini $
Lower Half Leg & Brazilian $
Top Half Leg & Standard Bikini $
Top Half Leg & G-String Bikini $
Top Half Leg & Brazilian $
Full Leg & Standard Bikini $
Full Leg & G-String Bikini $
Full Leg & Brazilian $
Add on Underarms to and leg and bikini combination $20



Laser Hair Reduction Treatments

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