What is it?

Target ageing, redness, and uneven texture all in one with our new Laser Genesis facial. It is an incredibly safe, effective treatment that will give you results with no downtime.

This treatment can target and prevent the signs of ageing, but also to reduce pore size, reduce scarring, treat uneven skin tone and reduce excessive redness. It is also known as a ‘Wrinkle Reduction’ Laser facial.

What can I expect?

The treatment has no downtime, the genesis portion of your treatment takes approximately 15 minutes, at which point you will be wearing protective eye wear, the sensation is pain free with a general warmth being felt on your skin as we guide the laser over sections of your face to deliver the desired energy.

The laser targets the dermal layer within the tissue, generating heat to build up collagen and provide a plumping, smoothing effect on the skin.

You will see results immediately however a course of 3 treatments at 2-4 weeks apart is recommended for superior results.

Laser Genesis Basic

COST $295

Includes clinical cleanse, laser genesis procedure, soothing sheet mask, serums and creams.

Laser Genesis Deluxe

COST $395

Includes clinical cleanse, Laser genesis procedure, lactic acid peel, LED light therapy, peptide sheet mask, serums and creams.

Basic Course $750 

Includes 3 x Laser Genesis Basic Treatments

Pre-Event Package $895

Includes 2 x Laser Genesis Basic Session and 1 x Laser Genesis Deluxe Treatment.



How does it feel?

Like a light shower of warm raindrops on your skin. The warmth slowly rises and as we spend approximately 2-3 minutes delivering energy to each section you will feel a moderate heat by the end of 3 minutes. This settles quickly. Most clients describe the treatment as relaxing.

Is there any downtime? 

No. You will finish the treatment with a healthy, pink glow and may feel slightly warm. Those who live with Rosacea or experience facial flushing may feel warmth for a couple of hours, but nothing to be concerned about.

How does it work? 

We use the laser device to deliver very low levels of energy to the skin, which is transferred into heat and causes a thermal response in the upper dermis (where your collagen, elastin and vasculature lives). Think of laser genesis as delivering a gentle, healthy heat, which stimulates collagen production and leaves the texture of your skin soft and smooth.

Can I have just a one-off treatment? 

You sure can – but please understand for long term, skin changing results we recommend a series. As a one-off, Laser genesis will provide you with a smoothing of the skin, plumping of wrinkles and an overall glow.

Can I go out straight after my treatment? 

Yes. We will apply SPF and you are welcome to apply make up (mineral is always recommended) after your treatment if you need too.

Do I need any preparation to have this treatment?

For best results, skin that is prepped with actives such as Vitamin C, A and B will have better collagen production and skin remodeling. These are not a necessity for this treatment but we wouldn’t be doing you any favors by not reminding you how effective professional skin care customised for your skin can be.

What skin concerns does it help? 

The question is, what won’t it do?! Laser genesis treatments offer an immediate plumping and smoothing of the skins surface but the real results are seen after a series of treatments (we recommend 3 treatments at 2-4 weeks apart). This will give incredible results for:

Fine Lines
Fine to Medium Wrinkles
Redness and Rosacea
Enlarged pores
Uneven texture

It is not the go-to treatment for Pigmentation or Acne, however this device can be used in other ways to help these conditions. Simply speak with one of our team for more guidance.

Do I need to prepay for a series? 

Yes. All series treatments must be prepaid to secure your package.

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