The only proven method of permanent hair removal, Electrolysis has been a successful treatment used all around the world for decades. Our electrolysis therapists have years of experience and treat a range of skin & hair types on a regular basis.


Electrolysis involves the insertion of a fine, sterilized, disposable needle into the hair follicle (a natural opening of the skin). You shouldn’t feel the insertion of the needle but will feel a sensation when the current is released into the hair follicle which effectively destroys the dermal papilla or root of the hair.

The number of sessions is difficult to determine as there are several contributing factors such as skin or hair texture, density of hair and the causes of hair growth. We price our sessions based on time so that you are not limited to a particular area but instead the therapist can work on a number of areas within a given time frame.


COST $39 - $79

10 Minutes – $39
15 Minutes – $49
20 Minutes – $59
25 Minutes – $69
30 Minutes – $79

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