DMK Enzyme Therapy

DMK Enzyme Therapy

Enzyme Therapy enhances optimal skin function by working with internal systems to increase circulation, oxygenation and lymphatic drainage. It uses a process called reserve osmosis to flush through the cells in order to clear toxins while stimulating healthy, happy skin. We combine the enzyme therapy mask with different pre exfoliations designed to target specific concerns, resulting in a successful skin transformation for our clients.


Enzyme Therapy utilises the power of enzymes to remove dead protein from the surface of the skin, flush out toxins in the cells and work on the integrity of your skin. Enzymes are living substances that work within the body to control all skin functions, they are a part of the rebuilding phase in skin treatments and encourage strong, healthy skin. It works at a cellular level to create a real change in your skin function and therefore treats all skin ailments or concerns.

These treatments are for all skin types and effectively treat the following skin conditions:

Reactive Skin
Premature Ageing
Dull, Lifeless Skin
Severe Dehydration

We work on the philosophy to remove, rebuild, protect and maintain your skin. This means we always combine peels or exfoliants with a rebuilding phase to work on the internal structure and create real change in your appearance. The protect & maintain components are completed with the use of home prescriptives to enhance and maintain your results.

Depending on your concerns, you may require anywhere between 4 – 12 enzyme therapy sessions to achieve the desired results. Courses are available, please book a skin consultation to find out more.

Our first time enzyme treatment is always the lower end of Level 2, this allows for a mild exfoliation to remove dead cell build up and the enzymes to work their magic. We then progress towards our advanced, Level 3 treatments to target your specific skin condition.

Level 1

COST $140

This basic level is for clients who are currently taking Roaccutane or any other medications which may contraindicate exfoliations. Also suitable for pregnant clients.

Duration: 60 mins

Level 2

COST $160 - $190

We use a pre-exfoliation here (see our peels & exfoliations for more information) to remove dead cell build up, promote circulation and to immediately brighten the skin. We follow with enzyme therapy to rebuild & flush out the build up of toxins and impurities.

Duration: 80 mins

Level 3

COST $200 - $290

Our advanced enzyme treatment includes a combination of 2 exfoliants as well and different boosters, mixers and solutions created to target specific conditions. Here are a few of our favourites to give you an idea of what may be included in your treatment plan.

The plasmatic effect which you see on our pictured client lasts approximately 10-15mins post treatment, this is a roadmap of where the enzyme therapy has activated your circulatory and lymphatic system to pump fresh oxygenated blood through the capillary loops – bringing with it fresh nutrients.

Duration 90 mins


A brightening facial treatment designed to plump, hydrate and even-out skin tone.


An acne treatment created to help flush and eradicate deep congestion and redness. Also good on fragile capillaries and red vascular scarring.


This advanced treatment is designed to accelerate results when treating very congested skins. It is also a part of our 12 week program to target ageing, wrinkles and sun damage.

Muscle Banding

This treatment is designed to lift and tighten tired, sagging facial muscles by sending deep, contracting signals to the muscle. It is essential to any anti-ageing treatment plan and works on toning those difficult to treat areas that are often of great concern to our clients.

Intense Neck Lift

We combine the power of Muscle Banding with an additional layer on intense body enzyme to the décolletage & neck to focus on tightening loose, sagging skin around the neck area.

Enzyme Therapy Skin Treatment


*Clients have had a combination of advanced skin services and home care

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