Body Scuplting

Body Enzyme and Sculpting Treatments are available to reduce the appearance of cellulite, encourage lymphatic drainage and improve circulation in areas of the body.

DMK Body Enzyme

The enzyme therapy treatments for the body are created to a level that can stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic system in larger areas. It is great for revising loose, sagging skin and to help alleviate fluid retention and work towards smoother, tighter-looking skin. We can also perform our peels and exfoliations on areas of the body if you are treating areas where there is also dead cell build up and would love to reveal smoother, firmer skin.


You will notice an immediate firmness to your skin after your first enzyme and with a course of treatments you will also see increased circulation, reduction in puffiness or swelling and an overall tighter, toned appearance of the skin. A course can include anywhere between 6-10 treatments depending on the level of concern.

If you commit to a course of body enzyme treatments, we upgrade your treatments to include a body sculpting solution which is applied to the treatment area, occluded with glad wrap and you remove at home yourself after 30mins. You can also purchase this professional grade body sculpting solution to use at home and enhance your results.

Upgrade Body Sculpting to any Enzyme $30
Full Arms $140
Breasts $120
Breasts & Neck $160
Chest (Folliculitis Treatment) $140
Chest (Folliculitis Treatment) $160
Stomach $140
Stomach & Breasts $160
Thighs $120
Thighs & Bottom $160
Bottom $120
Full Legs including Bottom $200

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